China approves magnesium lactate as new food additive

Publish time: 16th October, 2023      Source: CCM
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    On 7 Oct., the National Health Commission notified the latest approval list of novel food additives including magnesium lactate, after investigation and evaluation of the safety of the new varieties by experts from review organisation.   




    Information of magnesium lactate as food additive is summarised as follows:   

  •     Functional classification: Food nutrition enhancer   
  •     Quality & specification: The magnesium lactate as food additive should be white or off-white, crystal or powdered product that is made from reaction of lactic acid and magnesium oxide (or magnesium carbonate).   
  •     Product category (by structure): L-magnesium lactate and DL-magnesium lactate   
  •   Table Physicochemical indicators of magnesium lactate as food additive
                Item                        Range           
                L-Magnesium lactate                        DL-Magnesium lactate           
                Magnesium lactate content (dry basis), w/%                        97.5–101.5           
                Specific optical rotation, αm(20°C,D)/[(°)·dm2·kg-1]                        -7.5~-8.8                        +2.0~-2.0           
                Loss on drying, w/% ≤                        23           
                Chloride (in the form of Cl), w/%≤                        0.05           
                Lead (Pb), mg/kg≤                        2           
                Total arsenic content (As), mg/kg≤                        3           

        Source: National Health Commission   





      More information can be found at CCM Acidity Regulator China Quarterly Report.


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