Most of major raw materials of insecticides see declining price in April

Publish time: 9th May, 2024      Source: CCM
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    Summary: In April, prices of the majority of the major raw materials of insecticides TC went down in China; the MoM price changes averaged at a negative 2.51%. The main cause of the price fall was sluggish downstream demand. Besides, some raw materials were in sufficient supply as equipment gradually resumed operation.   


    In April, MoM changes of ex-works prices of major raw materials of insecticides TC registered an average decrease of 2.51% in China, with the majority of the raw materials experiencing a price fall. The prices of 3,5,6-trichloropyridin-2-ol sodium, O,O-diethylthiophosphoryl chloride and 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine (CCMP) were stable. However, the price of methanol increased; the supply became tight as the producers limited production or stopped their equipment for maintenance, while downstream purchase turned more active in this period.   




    This month, the prices of ethylenediamine, N-nitroiminoimidazolidine, liquid ammonia and sodium hydroxide dropped by some 6% to 8% MoM. Specifically, the price of N-nitroiminoimidazolidine fell due to slack downstream demand as well as weak support from cost side since its raw material ethylenediamine experienced a price drop. Sluggish demand was also the main cause of the decrease in liquid ammonia price. For sodium hydroxide, the supply has become quite sufficient as production equipment gradually resumed operation.   




    The prices of 3-phenoxy-benzaldehyde, bromine and phenol also declined on a monthly basis, with less than 3% MoM changes. Bromine producers operated normally; the output steadily increased and the market supply was ample. Phenol market remained weak; trade was dull since downstream buyers were basically inactive, and spot phenol supply was in good condition. Weak downstream demand forced the price of 3-phenoxy-benzaldehyde to move downwards.   

  Table Ex-works prices of major raw materials of insecticides in China, April 2024

            Product                        Price, RMB/t                        Price, USD/t                        MOM, %           
            Phenol                        7,608                        1,072.49                        -0.09           
            Methanol                        2,623                        369.76                        5.34           
            Liquid ammonia                        2,743                        386.68                        -7.02           
            Sodium hydroxide                        760                        107.14                        -6.52           
            Bromine                        18,500                        2,607.91                        -2.63           
            2-Chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine                        65,000                        9,162.93                        0.00           
            3,5,6-Trichloropyridin-2-ol sodium                        31,400                        4,426.4                        0.00           
            Ethylenediamine                        13,500                        1,903.07                        -7.53           
            O,O-Diethylthiophosphoryl chloride                        17,200                        2,424.65                        0.00           
            3-Phenoxy-benzaldehyde                        66,000                        9,303.9                        -2.94           
            N-Nitroiminoimidazolidine                        30,000                        4,229.05                        -6.25           
Source: CCM



  More information can be found at CCM Insecticide China Monthly Report.


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