Laiwu Taihe to expand citric acid portfolio

Publish time: 29th May, 2024      Source: CCM
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    On 15 April, Laiwu Branch of Jinan Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau accepted the environmental impact statement of the citric acid deep-processing project proposed by Laiwu Taihe Biochemistry Co., Ltd. (Laiwu Taihe) to include potassium citrate, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate to its portfolio.   




    Project overview:   

  •     Construction nature: Expansion   
  •     Location: Laiwu High-Tech Zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province   
  •     Total investment: USD3.67 million (RMB26.00 million), USD56,387 (RMB400,000) of which for environmental protection   
  •     Construction content:   
  •     Build a new production workshop on the existing land with one production line for food-grade potassium citrate, one line for pharmaceutical-grade calcium citrate and one line for magnesium citrate   
  •     Build main equipment such as neutralisation tank, membrane filtration, centrifugal machines, hot and cold air filters, sieving machine   
  •     Feedstock: monohydrate citric acid (self-produced) for potassium citrate, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate   
  •     Working system: 21 people in 3 x 8-hour shifts working for 300 days per year   
  •     Construction period: 3 months   
  •   Table Product scheme of Laiwu Taihe
                No.                        Product                        Designed capacity, t/a                        Specification                        Product executive standard           
                1                        Potassium citrate                        5,000                        20-to-60-mesh particles                        Food Additive—Potassium Citrate (GB1886.74-2015)           
                2                        Calcium citrate                        2,000                        above-80-mesh particles and powders                        Food Nutrition Enhancer—Calcium Citrate (GB1903.14-2016)           
                3                        Magnesium citrate                        2,000                        powders                        Company standard           

    Source: Laiwu Taihe's environmental impact statement




      More information can be found at CCM Acidity Regulator China Quarterly Report.


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