Market and Competitive Analysis of Dicamba Industry in China

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In recent years, development of dicamba-tolerant crops and weeds’ increasing tolerance to competing products like glyphosate has stimulated the development of dicamba in the world. In April 2016, Monsanto announced that more than USD975 million would be input on a dicamba project. In March 2017, BASF, the developer of dicamba, invested more than USD270 million to increase the production volume of dicamba in its production facility for dicamba in Beaumont, Texas.

Amidst a fast-growing dicamba market in the globe, Chinese enterprises are also preparing for catching up with the trend. The capacity of dicamba technical has increased from about 5,000 t/a in 2013 to 17,000 t/a in 2016. In June 2017, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.’s 20,000 t/a dicamba project was put into trial production, and the national capacity of dicamba technical has reached 37,000 t/a. Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a top manufacturer of glyphosate technical in China, is also constructing a 20,000 t/a project of dicamba technical. Several pesticide producers also plan to construct dicamba production lines, with the total capacity of over 15,000 t/a.

Along with the fast increasing capacity and output, increasing export rebate rate, as well as decreasing raw material cost, the price of dicamba has decreased from over USD20,000/t to USD 14,000/t–USD16,000/t in 2016 and 2017,

And what’s the trend of China’s dicamba industry in the future? What about Chinese producers’ competitiveness in the global market? In an aim of helping investors dig out the business opportunities and avoid the risks in this promising market, this report presents information and data for the overall market of dicamba in China. Besides, the top three dicamba producers in China, which have been taking the lead in the industry development, have been selected for in-depth benchmarking analysis in the aspects of production, sales, cost, finance and so on. After reading the report, you will have a clearer idea to these questions and may fine more opportunities in the dicamba industry in China.

Detailed information on the following aspects will be showed in this report:

- Overview of the global dicamba market

- Overall development of China’s dicamba industry

- Capacity and output of dicamba technical in China (2008–H1 2017)

- Manufacturers of dicamba technical and their capacities and outputs in China (2012–H1 2017)

- Potential capacity of dicamba technical as of June 2017

- Analysis of dicamba exports from China (2014–H1 2017)

- Consumption of dicamba in China by volume and application fields (2008–H1 2017)

- Price trend of dicamba in China (2008–H1 2017)

- Forecast on supply and demand of dicamba in China (2017–2021)

- Benchmarking research on the three major Chinese dicamba manufacturers

- Investment opportunities and suggestions

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