2018 Semiannual Report Analysis of China's Listed Pesticide Enterprises

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The description is for the previous version of the report and will be renewed after this new version completed.

This report is about the business performance of 28 listed pesticide companies in China in H1 2015. Besides, their major performance indexes in the past three to five years had been given, and the reasons behind the changes have also been analysed.

As of 31th Aug., 2015, all 28 listed pesticide enterprises in China had published their 2015 semiannual reports. Analysis on these listed domestic pesticide enterprises could bring much valuable information about them and the whole pesticide industry as they are the representatives of the pesticide industry in China. In 2015, China's pesticide enterprises entered into capital market one by one. There were six new comers in this report, and there may be more in the next edition for that some domestic pesticide companies are preparing for entry into the capital market.

On the whole, the data from these listed pesticide enterprises in H1 2015 showed ups and downs compared with their performances in H1 2014, with both the total revenue and net profit in H1 2015 from the 27 listed pesticide enterprises excluding Sinochem International Corporation suffering a decrease. Specifically, the total revenue of the 27 listed pesticide enterprises in H1 2015 fell to USD5,428.96 million, 0.31% lower year on year; while the net profit of the 27 listed pesticide enterprises slid to USD419.84 million, at a year-on-year decrease of 18.86%; but in regard to the pesticide business itself, the total pesticide revenue of the 24 enterprises enjoyed a slight increase, reaching USD3,302.18 million, at a year-on-year growth rate of 3.30%.

Several reasons may be responsible for these changes. The business performance of many companies was affected by their pesticide structure to some extent, like Jiangsu Lanfeng Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd. Adjustment of product structure and strategy transitions have been carried out by many enterprises, and M&A also greatly affected the ranking of the listed pesticide enterprises. Pesticide e-business platforms have been under construction in many enterprises like Jiangsu Huifeng Argochemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Noposion Argochemical Co., Ltd. and ENN Ecological Holding Co., Ltd., and have emerged as a new growth point in their pesticide business.

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