Market of Food-grade Phosphoric Acid and Phosphates in China

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This report aims at revealing the development of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates in China from various perspectives to help readers gain insights into the Chinese market. Readers can get the following information:

- Development and trend of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphate industries in China;

- Supply and demand situation of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphate in China;

- Leading producers of both kinds of products;

- Intelligence and inspiration on business opportunities in both industries;

- Extra insight by talking with our research team directly.

Food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates are two important kinds of food additives in China.

Since 2010, the output of food-grade phosphoric acid has been fluctuating in China along with its export volume, and the consumption grew at a small rate as well. Production technology of the product is a hot concern, as the wet process is arising and shows signs to become a mainstream. Plus, the Chinese government's support to this method will shine its way.

Driven by the fast-growing demand from downstream industries, capacity of food-grade phosphates is increasing rapidly in China in recent years. Yet, overcapacity but a lack of high-end products has become a bottleneck to the industry's development. Besides, the product varieties are limited, mostly Na phosphates, and there's a lack of mature formulating technology to make phosphate blends. To cater to the increasing demand from downstream industries, the product varieties and forms should and will become more diversified.

The Chinese government increased export tax rebate for some products in 2015. The rebate rate for food grade sodium tripolyphosphate was raised from 0 to 13% and that for food grade hexametaphosphate from 5% to 9%. This will help boost China's phosphate exports, strengthen the competitiveness of domestic products, and improve the profitability of phosphate manufacturers.

This report provides deep analysis from below perspectives:

- Basic information of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates;

- Supply and demand of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates in 2014-2017;

- Consumption breakdown of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates by downstream segments in 2017;

- Development of production technology of food-grade phosphoric acid in China (Thermal process vs wet process);

- Major producers of food-grade phosphates (geographic distribution and 2017 capacity);

- Analysis of four representative producers (business and product line, capacity and output, differentiators in competition and recent dynamics);

- Development trend of food-grade phosphoric acid and phosphates in China;

- Business opportunities in both industries.

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