Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China

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Industrial integration has been gathering momentum in China in 2018. The pesticide industry boasts leading production capacity and output across the world, yet the large amount of enterprises lead to a relatively low concentration ratio. Especially the majority of them is of small scale and remains at the lower end of the value chain, providing OEM-style services and plagued in overcapacity. Besides, many pesticide companies also face problems as potential risks as well as underinvestment in work safety and environmental protection, outdated equipment and technology. Considering all these factors, industrial policies issued by the central government suggest acquisition and merger between companies to improve industrial concentration and promote intensive development of the industry featuring large-scale, professionalism and specialization.

At the same time, Chinese formulation enterprises enlarge their profits through deep-processing and sales channel building. Some technical companies extend their reach to formulation business, while some formulation companies also choose to enter technical business. All aim at larger say in fiercer competition. The future is for an integrative development of the two businesses in pesticide industry.

In the face of Sino-US trade frictions and currency devaluation in some emerging economies, the total import and export value of China's pesticides reached a new high in 2018.

In this report, CCM will do analysis of 2019 china top 100 pesticide enterprises from the following aspects:
- General situation
- Imports and exports
- Pesticide revenue in 2018
- Geographical distribution of the enterprises

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