Pesticide Market in China in 2020

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The pesticide output in China rose first and then fell overall in 2011–2020. Thereinto, the output showed an upward trend in 2011–2014. However, pesticide output witnessed declines in 2015–2019. Besides, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, pesticide production nationwide stayed at a relatively low level. The declines in recent years are the result of pursuing high-quality and sustainable development, and industry adjustment to the declining demand.

With continuous improvement of living standards and consumption levels in China, people pay more attention to safety, health and environmental protection, and put forward higher requirements on the use of pesticides. In addition, with advances in practical technology, the mechanized and intelligent pesticide application system has been continuously improved, and thus the pesticide use will only go down in the future.

In recent years, affected by supply-side structural reform and the Thirteen Five-Year Plan (2016–2020), the output of pesticides declined significantly, so did the number of pesticide enterprises. In the future, the number of pesticide enterprises will greatly reduce, and the process of industry integration and elimination will speed up. In addition, the tendency of domestic pesticide enterprises to shift to low-cost areas is obvious. In particular, those areas with low labor cost, strong environmental carrying capacity and rich land and energy have become the targets for spatial layout.

In this report, CCM will analyse Pesticide Market in China in 2020 from the following aspects:

√ Pesticide output and consumption volume in China

√ Changes in output in major pesticide production areas

√ Concentration of China's pesticide enterprises

√ Trends of pesticide demand in China

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