Production and Export of Glyphosate in China

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Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide worldwide. Looking around the world, the planting area of genetically modified plants and crops has maintained a stable growth, which drives the increasing demand for glyphosate. With the widespread promotion and application of glyphosate-resistant transgenic technology worldwide, the use of glyphosate has shown an explosive growth. Glyphosate is still the herbicide species with the largest share worldwide, though its market size and global share have declined slightly recent years due to the resistance of weeds, and the impact of prohibition and restriction policies.

China is the biggest producer and export country of glyphosate technical, and the export of glyphosate has been paid closely attention by overseas consumers. And there will be no new capacity of glyphosate in China in the next few years because of its overcapacity. In 2020, the supply of glyphosate technical fluctuated, for its output was negatively affected by COVID-19 in H1, and challenged by floods in Aug.

In order to clearly understand the external supply of glyphosate in China, CCM analyzes the general export situation of glyphosate technical in China in 2020 based on glyphosate capacity, output, historical export volumes, etc. In this report, CCM will do overview of glyphosate in China from the following aspects:

- Output and export of herbicide technical and pesticide technical in China, 2016–2020

- Proportion trends of glyphosate technical in herbicides technical and pesticides technical, 2016–2020

- Proportion of export volume to output of key glyphosate technical manufacturers in China, 2018–2020

- Glyphosate export price, 2018–2020

- Changes and impact factors of glyphosate technical export by month, 2020

- China's major export destinations of glyphosate technical

- Glyphosate technical export trends of different countries and regions, 2018–2020

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