Forecasts on crop pests and diseases in China in 2023

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China is a country threatened by serious biological disasters, where all kinds of pests and diseases on crops have occurred heavily and frequently. Especially due to the influence of global climate change and other factors in recent years, it has been under attack by pests such as Spodoptera frugiperda and Schistocerca gregaria, as well as rice planthopper; and diseases such as wheat stripe rust, southern rice black-streaked dwarf disease and rice ragged stunt. After years of scientific control, China has managed to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases on crops in general. According to the National Agro-tech Extension and Service Centre (NATESC), the annual occurrence areas of pests, diseases, weeds and rodents in 2017–2022 were between 400 million ha and 437 million ha collectively.

In China, pests and diseases on three major crops (wheat, rice and corn) in 2022 were under effective control, as data show the loss ratio was down 0.19 percentage point to 4% in the year. The overall occurrence area of three major corn pests (Spodoptera frugiperda, armyworm and corn borer) and two diseases (southern corn rust and northern leaf blight) in 2023 is estimated to be up by 20.8% year on year.
In this report, CCM will provide the overview of occurrence, control and yield loss of crops resulted by pests, diseases, weeds and rodents in 2012-2022, as well as forecasts on the occurrence of pests and diseases in China in 2023 from the following aspects:

√ Wheat
√ Rice
√ Corn

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