Market Survey on Bromine Industry in China

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China, rich in the bromine resources, especially in Laizhou Bay Area of Shandong province, has been growing strong in the bromine production in the past years. The chaos bromine production in China and the severe price competition among the Chinese manufacturers makes the Chinese bromine less competitive, comparing with that of Israel. China is weak in the bromide development, but bromide industry is a great reservoir to tap in China and specialty intension should be paid to this industry. In this report, extensive information on bromine industry & bromide industry has been reviewed in order to outline the Chinese situation.

The major part of this report is to discuss the situation of bromine industry and bromine manufacturers. Additionally, the salt industry bromide resource in China are also introduced. We have found that the main problems of bromine industry in China are:

- The production scale is small. Among the 33 active bromine manufacturers contacted, only 6 of them have production capacity above 5,000MT/year. About 20 manufacturers have capacity of less than 2,000MT/year.

- The bromine sources in China are variable. They include concentrated underface brine, bittern, and carnallite mother liquid.

- The production operation is on manual base in most bromine factories . It needs long time to adjust the operation parameters to an ideal condition. - Chinese manufacturers do not have systematic scheme to bromine industry. Nor has there been future plan for the development of bromine and bromides in China.

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