This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at CCM and what you can gain from each of them.

  • Impact of Sino-US Trade War on China Pesticide Industry

    Overview of Sino-trade war in 2018 and 2019 What Chinese pesticide products were affected on the export by the trade war? What influences on crops and demand of pesticides? Challenges and measures to overcome from the Sino-US trade war Development of Sino-trade war in 2020 and possible trend

  • Phosphorus Chemical Industry in China

    Overview of phosphorus chemical industry China’s phosphate rock main features Yellow phosphorus market dynamics in China 2020 Overall situation of China’s phosphate fertilizers industry ( MAP and DAP) STPP annual production situation in China ( 2015-2019)

  • COVID-19's Impact on China Sweetener Industry

    Agenda: - Overview of China Sweetener Market - The impacts on Sweetener production and sales - Analysis of starch sugar's operating rate and profit - Overall export situation and key sweeteners analysis - Price trends of sweeteners from Jan. to Apr.2020 - Recent sweetener market dynamics - Changes of Sweetener industry

  • Herbicide, Insecticide,Fungicide Market Situation in China

    Time: 17:00-17:30 May 14, 2020 (Beijing Time) Agenda: Recent dynamics of China pesticide market and manufacturers Latest policies related to agrochemical industry Export situation briefing Price trend of selected products and influencing factors Developing trend

  • Vitafood Europe

    Vitafoods Europe is the leading buying and sourcing event for the global nutraceutical industry.We launched Vitafoods Europe in 1997 to meet the growing demands of the emerging nutraceutical industry.Our event featured only 100 exhibitors in 2,500 square meters of floor space and attracted 1,200 visitors.

  • Oil Price Slump and its Risks & Opportunities

    Oil Price Slump and its Risks and Opportunities

  • COVID-19's Impacts on China Vitamin Industry

    Analyze the China vitamin industry under the impact of COVID-19.

  • Supplyside East

    SupplySide East is the East Coast's leading ingredient and solutions trade show with exhibitors featuring the most innovative ingredients & formulation techniques to drive your brand forward. Gain insight and network with the leading health and nutrition industry professionals from across the globe.

  • Outlook on Pesticide Export in China

    Review on Chinese pesticide export in January and February 2020 Key factors influencing pesticide export under COVID-19 Policies & incentives introduced to spur pesticide exportation out from China Quick glimpse on Indian pesticide export Experts' prediction on the trend of Chinese pesticide export